Springtime in Calhoun County

4 01 2010

Nature and farm scenery from Calhoun County WV, set to music – Celtic Waltz – by Prophets Thumb


Jammin’ With Petunia Presents – Stone Soup Fusion

16 04 2009

Part 1

Part 2

Jammin’ With Petunia Presents: Stone Soup

2 04 2009

Live in the Living Room with Stone Soup. Here’s a sneak preview of Stone Soup’s totally new song “Three Dollar Bill”, performed for the first time ever…

Jammin’ With Petunia Presents – Part 2

8 03 2009

Jammin’ With Petunia presents:

8 03 2009

Hammer Jam. A little bass jazz type interlude with one of the state’s best bassists, HAMMER, accompanied by BOB DUNN on guitar and “THE WEAVE” on drums.

Jammin’ With Petunia on the road with CROSSFIRE

8 03 2009

A little rockin’ country music for you. “Crossfire” playing in Calhoun County at the Arnoldsburg WV Molasses Festival in 2008.